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Group Project Proposal (Science)



Names:Ferris Hesham,Sherwyn Ng,abiel wong(moral support) his spirit is with us
Class: S2-06

Group Reference:  G

1. Indicate the type of research that you are adopting
[    ] Test a hypothesis: Hypothesis-driven research e.g. Investigation of the anti-bacteria effect of chrysanthemum
[    ] Measure a value: Experimental research (I) e.g. Determination of the mass of Jupiter using planetary photography 
[ ] Measure a function or relationship: Experimental research (II)e.g. Investigation of the effect of temperature on the growth of crystals 
[    ] Construct a model: Theoretical sciences and applied mathematics e.g. Modeling of the cooling curve of naphthalene  
[ X] Observational and exploratory research e.g. Investigation of the soil quality in School of Science and Technology, Singapore  
[    ] Improve a product or process: Industrial and applied research e.g. Development of a SMART and GREEN energy system for households  

2. Write a research proposal of your interested topic in the following format:

Title:The investigations of the factors affecting the amount of tangles in a wire.

The independent variable is the length of the wire
The dependent variable is how to count the tangles

The constants are:
Size of the box
Type of wire.
Thickness of wire.
Time used to shake.

Method that we took reference from:

Our method:Every time a wire goes under and over the other wire,it is counted as one knot.Only by going under and over another wire,it creates a knot,thus we used this method to count number of knots/tangles in the wire.From the above example,as we do not know the formulas,we started to try to understand the diagram.We start off by counting by each time it goes under and over one wire and that is the only idea we had from the diagram.So we decided to use that as our method for counting the amount of knots.

B. Hypotheses

The hypothesis is that the longer and thicker the wire is the more tangles there will be.
We aim to find out the variables that affect the number of tangles after the wire is shaken.

C. Description in detail of method or procedures

RESEARCH QUESTION:Why earphones tangle when we leave them in the pocket?
                                            How do we count tangles in a wire?

Equipment list:

•Method:Everytime a wire goes under and over the other wire,it is counted as one knot.

• Procedures: Detail all procedures and experimental design to be used for data collection
-cut wire into different lengths
-put them into boxes
-shake boxes

• Risk and Safety: Identify any potential risks and safety precautions to be taken.
There is no risk in this project.

D. Bibliography: List at least five (5) major references (e.g. science journal articles, books,

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